Dog Incontinence | Dog Incontinence Products: Diapers – Part One

Dog Incontinence Products: Diapers – Part One

Dog diapers (also called pooch pads, pooch pants, incontinence briefs and piddle pants) are wonderful short term solutions if you have a dog that dribbles urine while sleeping, marks his territory or has indoor accidents. Most dogs do not like to wear doggie diapers, therefore, it is important that you get to the root of the problem so that you (and your dog) don’t’ have to deal with messy doggie diapers for long. As I mentioned before, dog incontinence briefs truly are a short term solution.

If you don’t know why your dog is suddenly having accidents, please read the post: Accidents – A Behavior Problem or Incontinence? It might give you an idea as to why your dog has suddenly forgotten his potty manners. Also, I feel that it is important to note that though your dog may be wearing a diaper, it is still a good idea to have a good pet odor eliminator on hand as many dogs (such as my old Beagle) are experts when it comes to ripping off their diapers (they suddenly become the Harry Houdini of dog incontinence products!).
There are many dog incontinence products on the market today. To be honest, the best place to shop for incontinence products is on the internet as you will find not only a much larger selection, the prices are often lower as well. Below are some of the best doggie diapers and pooch pants available today.
Joybies Durable Denim Piddle Pants
Joybies Piddle Pants are well made and durable! Made for female dogs, denim piddle pants are stylish, affordable and yes, WASHABLE! These Piddle Pants are perfect for a dog with incontinence issues or a female in heat. All you do is insert a piddle pad into the pants and then put the garment on your dog. It is important that you measure your dog properly before purchasing Joybies Piddle Pants as you want them to fit snuggly so that no dog urine can leak out. Joybie Durable Denim Piddle Pants received rave reviews by fellow dog owners and are a great short term solution if you have a pet with incontinence issues.

OUT! Diapers for Dogs
Not only are OUT! Diaper Garments for dogs the perfect answer if you have an incontinent pet, they are also a wonderful solution if you have a dog with submissive urination issues! If you would like to read more about this subject, please read the post: Submissive Urination and Marking! Until your dog has gotten over his issues with submissive urination, OUT! Diapers for Dogs can save your carpeting and hardwood floors. OUT! Dog Diapers are also ideal for puppies that are not quite housebroken and female dogs in heat. They are machine washable and affordable!

Tinkle Belts
Personally, I would buy this product just because I love the name! Unfortunately, I do not have any male dogs in my household; therefore, I have no need for Tinkle Belts. However, if you have a male dog who just so happens to mark and dribble urine then Tinkle Belts may be the short-term solution you are searching for. Available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large (they can also be custom fitted!). This patented belly band for boys is designed to provide extra protection at the “source of the problem.” When it comes to “marking” many people who purchased Tinkle Belts for their male dogs found that after only a short time, the belts were no longer necessary as they eliminated the problem all together! So not only do you get a product that protects your carpet, walls and furniture from urine, you also get a wonderful dog training aid as well! Made of well constructed cotton denim, Tinkle belts are machine washable and affordable. If you have an older dog that is incontinent, you can purchase dog panty liners. These liners may be affixed to the lining of the Tinkle Belt and will provide extra absorbency.

So there you have it! Three dog incontinence products that received wonderful reviews! In future posts I will review other dog incontinence diapers as the market is full of wonderful products that will not only keep you (and your carpet) happy, they will keep your dog dry as well. Until next time my furry friends! Woof!

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